Beautiful fabric gets a new home!

Beautiful Fabric!



I purchased this fabric several years ago in Nashville Tennessee with my friend Pam at my side. I was decorating my guest room at the time and thought I would use it on the back of a quilt. It is decorator fabric, 54 inches wide and has the most lovely detail in dark brown, such as dots, texture lines, and shading. When my future daughter-in-law was visiting Raleigh recently for a wedding shower, she saw it and loved it. I saw this as an opportunity to move out 6 yards of fabric from my stash. Of course, I matched the pattern, seamed it together and finished the edges so it can be used as a coverlet or bedspread. She happens to love all the same colors for decorating as I do. How happy I am to have it going to a home where it will be loved as much as I loved it! They return this weekend from their honeymoon and are moving to Georgia next week from Virginia to start their new life as husband and wife. We are very happy for them!


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    Hi Janice! Just listened to you on the IAPQ live phone call and am checking out your website and blog. I find your enthusiasm contagious and it was a delight to listen to you. I am not a designer but really, really appreciate you putting all your talent out there for me. I have a longarm quilting business and I will probably be staying there for a while. The IAPQ calls certainly provide inspiration to me, no matter what the business of the guest, because you never know what opportunity will present itself to you. I thought I would never teach a quilt class but I have been “specializing” in the 1600 jelly roll quilt at a local quilt shop and it is a barrel of fun…so you just never know. Thanks for a great call!!! Kay von der Embse

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