Patterns – FAQ

What kind of patterns does Anything But Boring have?

Bags, purses, totes, quilts, table runners and gifts!

Anything But Boring’s designs solve problems!


Do you have  a purse that is hands-free?

Yes! Try the Long-Stemmed Tulip Purse for a regular sized purse, or for a tiny one try the Traveler’s Trio.


Do you have a quilt pattern that can be whipped up in a hurry?

YES! We have several patterns that can be made in a weekend using pre-cut fabrics. Take a look at College Bound Plus 3,  Jewel Box, Prints Charming II for starters.


Do you have items that can be used for travel?

If you travel and need lots of little things always handy, check out the Traveler’s Trio, Traveler’s Tote and Zip ‘n Go Tote. For a large tote bag, the Kit ‘n Kaboodle is the size of a large duffel or suitcase.


Do you sale Wholesale?

Yes, wholesalers, please see our Wholesale page for information.


Do you do trunk shows?

Yes, Trunk Shows for both bags and quilts are available! Email for details.


Where do you post corrections to patterns?

I wish I could say I have never published a pattern with an error, but alas, I am human and have found mistakes. Sometimes typing errors, sometimes calculation errors. All corrections will appear just below the listing for the pattern on the pattern page. Fortunately there aren’t many!